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The Baulk Gate is an effective way to calm down particularly aggressive animals, ensuring they do not run straight through the head bail. The two gates are hinged, so they can be moved out of the way when they are not required.

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cattle yard gate mesh covered $ 0.00 Contact Us To chat with one of our sales team please call 1300 NORTON (667 866) or email us on [email protected]

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We have a Head Scoop designed to suit all types of cattle crushes, and make routine tasks safer and easier, as well as strong, durable and fully galvanised Anti Backing Bars, Leg Winches, Crush Back/Side Access Gates and Guillotine Gates.

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All head gates compatible with complete range of fixed and mobile cattle crushes and weighing equipment; Heavy duty construction for superior strength and durability

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The Catagra Group is an Australian based company that specialises in reproductive and cattle handling solutions for livestock operations. We are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand dealer for REPROSCAN ULTRASOUND units.

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Simple and effective design to prevents cattle from backing up in crush Model is both left and right side operational Non-Return Gate fits to any of the company's panel or piping cattle crush.

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Stockpro cattle crushes have many innovative safety features, making it safe and efficient to use. The crushes are designed to cause minimal stress to the animal. Our cattle crush range starts at the budget head bail through to the Heavy Duty VET crush, with many different options available.

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Feb 11, 2013· Hydraulic Controlled Vet Crush - boom mounted lever controls or remote control option Heavy Duty Hydraulic Head Bail Heavy Duty Hydraulic Split Rear Gate Dual Hydraulic Parallel Squeeze (top ...

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A cattle crush (also known as a squeeze chute or standing stock) is a strongly constructed cage for safely containing animals as they are inspected, marked or treated by farmers, vets or other officials.

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May 22, 2017· Bo steel standard anti backing bar for cattle crushes. Safe, strong and durable. ... Bo Steel Calving gate 2016 - Duration: 4:00. LCI Engineering Limited T/A Bo Steel 25,756 views.

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Morris Range of Beef Crushes, Dairy Crushes, Clipping Crushes Yokes and Gates. Also specials available to order to suit your needs. For the latest information on …

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Rolling rear gate is easily operated from the working side of the crush The rear gate running track is top-mounted, eliminating the issue of build-up Cattle Crush - Q-Catch 46 Series Reviews

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We specialise in Livestock Housing Solutions and have been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality & innovative products to the agriculture sectors for over 30 years. Facebook Condon Engineering

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A cattle crush is typically linked to a cattle race (also known as an alley). The front end has a head bail (or neck yoke or head gate ) to catch the animal and may have a baulk gate that swings aside to assist in catching the beast.

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Nugent Cattle Crushes are designed to suit the demands of the modern day farmer, whilst safeguarding the welfare and safety of both the animal and handler. UNIVERSAL CATTLE TECH The Nugent Universal Cattle Tech is fitted with a robust auto lock head gate and is designed for all round speedy handling of demanding livestock in today's ...

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PORTABLE CATTLE CRUSH Galvanized portable cattle crush c/w with semi-automatic crush gate and 3' backing gate. Chequer plate flooring throughout to prevent slipping. One side is fully openable for carrying out cesarean section, milking or calf adoption. 3 point linkage is fitted on the opposite side for transporting with a tractor.

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Baulk Gate Cattle Crushes, Cavalier Livestock Equipment, Crush Accessories. Easy attached to front of Crush. Folds away/unhinges if not required. Baulk Gate contains 2 x 1.0m 40mm RHS gates hinged on the nonworking side. 2 x Galvanised Pins that locks the gate when open or closed. Learn More

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May 28, 2013· Crush Chute Gate - Prevents backups in cattle lines, allows easier herding, works with horses, sheep and more! Finalist in the JFC Innovation Awards 2012.

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Crush Chute Gate is a new unique product, invented and developed by Joseph Hyland of Cattle Crush Designs. This device prevents animals from moving backward in the crush and can prevent injury.

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Slide Gate; Pound Systems; Round Forcing Yards; Horse. Horse Crushes; Horse Round Yards; Horse Stable Partitions; Horse Yard Components; Sheep. Sheep Drafting Modules; ... Cattle Crushes. Budget Crush $ 3,423.00 Add to cart. Budget Vet Crush $ 3,865.00 Add to cart. Cavalier Headbale $ 1,921.00 Add to cart. Stabiliser Crush ...

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Range of Semi-Automatic Crush Gates, End Gates, Penning Sections and Posts ... Stock Gate Dairy Gate Full Cattle Crush End Gate & Section Hoof Lifter. Flexi Penning & Gates Our Post and Rail System allows you to install a penning system, wherever it is required, for example on a green field or on an existing concrete yard. ...

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Cattle Crushes & Head Bails A cattle crush, also known as a squeeze chute or standing stock, is a strongly built stall used on to hold cattle safely while they are examined, marked, or …

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Standard Crush can be changed from left to right hand use, very handy if it needs to be moved or yards reconfigured.. Massive hinges on the doors give added support and increases stability and strength. Solid nylon rollers makes for smooth, easy operation of the sliding gate.. Good internal length to fit those 600 kg plus cattle inside without having to catch them in the Auto Head Yoke.

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Crush Gate: The ODEL cattle crush gate is a heavy duty gate, with an adjustable neck width to suit all size of animals. This crush gate is semi-automatic for increased safety while handling livestock.

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At Teemore Engineering, we pride ourselves in designing and supplying outstanding products. ... Through our Network of Dealers and main Stock Yards we cover all of the UK and Ireland delivering world class livestock housing solutions. Contact our sales team to find out how we can help you today! ... Crushes/Handling. From Morris and Nugent ...

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Cavalier Stabiliser Cattle Crush Cattle Crushes, Cavalier Livestock Equipment, Heavy Duty Cattle Crushes. The Stabilizer Crush is designed to increase cattle handling efficiency. With dual side immobilisation, this gives greater efficiency with varying beast sizes, that is Calves to Bulls.

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ODEL Crush Gate Semi-Auto Crush Gate: A fixed cattle crush is an essential feature in any farm yard to handle animals safely. ODEL cattle crushes offer customers a simple adaptable crush system, with a top of the range crush gate.

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Store cattle effectively with a top selling cattle crush. Keeping big strong cattle or horses contained effectively where you need them is a real challenge. Fencing works well in some situations, but not others. When you need a rock-solid pen that will keep cattle and other livestock contained reliably, you want a well-built cattle crush.

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PORTABLE CATTLE CRUSH Galvanized portable cattle crush c/w with semi-automatic crush gate and 3' backing gate. Chequer plate flooring throughout to prevent slipping. One side is fully openable for carrying out cesarean section, milking or calf adoption. 3 point linkage is fitted on the opposite side for transporting with a tractor.

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Ace Equipment cattle crushes are manufactured in Australia using the finest materials and have been reinforced for enhanced protection. The Heavy Duty Vet Cattle Cage has all the features you need, including a split side access gate and vet doors that are fully walk through, as well as a lockable head bail and a convenient rear door.