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The adsorption of gold complexes onto the activated carbon is the basis of modern techniques for gold recovery. The next step is the recovery of adsorbed gold from activated carbon with an efficient eluant. The objective of this study was to investigate an improved process for recovering gold from activated carbon.

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Activated carbon for mining industry is commonly utilized in the absorption of golden cyanide complexes in gold processing.This procedure can be put on the crystal clear answer via a fluidized bed column or take part in the process of leaching on the tank along with also the separation of carbon.

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Carbon is very actively used in the process of recovery of dissolved gold, either by introducing direct to the CIL (carbon-in-leach) or CIP (carbon-in-pulp) tanks after leaching. Activated carbon adsorbs dissolved gold from gold leach pulp complex to be absorbed through the pores of the carbon.

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For gold recovery circuits, it is essential that the activated carbon employed provides excellent process performance, minimal attrition loss and minimal maintenance problems. Significant improvements have been made in the still evolving carbon-related technologies for gold recovery.

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Activated Carbon Products are useful in the Mining Industry and have become a part of various processes. Among them, Gold recovery is very important and in the present times, most of the Gold mined is recovered through this method only.

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CHARACTERIZATION AND RECOVERY OF GOLD ASSOCIATED WITH FINE, ACTIVATED CARBON 295 Introduction Due to the potential losses of gold associated with fine carbon, most precious metal producing companies employ some method to recover at least part of the residual carbon fines (Hill and Lin 2001). This residual carbon, however, is

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Activated carbon is widely used for gold recovery from cyanide leach liquors via in-leach carbon-(CIL) or carbonin-pulp (CIP) technology. From all the base metals cyanide complexes typically - present together with gold in the leach liquor, only copper, and to a lesser extent nickel, are loaded onto activated carbon(6).

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In the gold recovery industry, activated carbon from a number of precursors has been used. Due to the nature of the in-pulp process, the following characteristics are

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Calgon Carbon's high-quality GACs are proven to maximize recovery efficiencies by reducing gold loss and minimizing carbon consumption when used for Carbon-in-Leach (CIL), Carbon-in-Pulp (CIP) and Carbon-in-Column (CIC) gold extraction techniques.

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Activated carbon has long been used as an adsorbent in the gold processing industry to recover gold from mining solutions. Due to its high surface area and exceptional hardness, coconut shell GAC is the main product used in carbon-in-leach (CIL), carbon-in-pulp (CIP), and carbon-in …

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gold recovery activated carbon Material : high quality coconut shell,almost shell and walnut shells which is refined by scientific method Features : large specific surface, strong adsorption capacity, fast filtration speed and high purity of decoloration etc.

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The process of treating granular activated carbon for return to service in the recovery of gold in Carbon in Pulp and Carbon in Leach circuits has been investigated. Carbons from four U.S.A. mines, one Canadian mine and one South African mine were characterized before and after regeneration.

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Oxbow Activated Carbon GAC and EAC are used to capture and adsorb organic solvents in air. When the activated carbon's capacity for the solvent is reached, the system can be regenerated on-site with steam or hot gas. The solvent is recovered, and the same activated carbon can be reused.

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Activated Carbon forGold Recovery. Superior know-how, secure deliveries and on-site support ... The now barren carbon is returned to the contacting phase where any losses are made up with activated carbon. The gold is then recovered by a process known as electrowinning.

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GAC - Granulated Carbon Use. Highly activated carbon is used in the dissolved gold recovery process, either by introducing it directly into the CIL (carbon-in-leach) tanks or into separate CIP (carbon-in-pulp) tanks after leaching.

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the activated carbon product. The characteristics of the activated carbon product are thus dependent on raw material. A hard dense raw material results in a hard dense activated carbon with a micro-pore favouring structure. A soft, less dense raw material results in a soft light activated carbon with an open pore structure. 18

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Particularly in gold recovery, activated carbon is the key element in CIC, CIL and CIP processes. As a major manufacturer of activated carbon specialized for the gold mining industry and precious metals recovery, we service some of the world's largest mining companies.

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The use of activated carbon in gold recovery combines physical adsorption, surface reactions and solution equilibrium. Therefore, these two standard measures of activated carbon quality are not necessarily good gauges for the use of carbon in gold recovery applications.

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Activated carbon in gold recovery Even to produce few grams of gold, thousands of tons of ore must be mined, crushed, roasted, ground, treated, pulped and leached. Activated carbon plays a key role in capturing the gold from its ore.

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Today's gold mining operations optimize efficiency and output through the use of superior Haycarb gold recovery carbon technology. Our high density carbons with particle to particle consistency in activity and shape is an ideal solution for applications in CIL (carbon-in-leach), CIP (Carbon-in-pulp) and CIC (carbon-in-column) processes.

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Gold Recovery CPL Activated Carbons has extensive operational and commercial experience in the supply of specialised grades of activated carbons into the precious metal recovery industry. Activated carbons are used to recover gold from cyanide solutions, which are percolated through gold …

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4.10 ACTIVATED CARBON TYPE The heart of any CIP or CIL plant is the activated carbon as it is the activated carbon itself that adsorbs the gold. Thus the activated carbon will also have an effect on gold recovery.

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Among the most effective processes for the recovery of precious metals, specifically, gold is the use of activated carbon. Activated charcoal in gold recovery. When gold is dissolved in a cyanide solution, the best way to recover it is through the use of activated carbon, …


Activated carbon has long been used as an adsorbent in the gold processing industry to recover gold from mining solutions. Due to its high surface area and exceptional hardness, coconut shell GAC is the main product used in carbon-in-leach (CIL), carbon-in-pulp (CIP), and carbon-in …

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Jan 19, 2016· GET flexy elastic screen panels in gold plant for carbon recovery.


In gold recovery, every ounce makes a difference.As a result, it is critical that you choose an activated carbon solution that maximizes recovery. Our activated carbon products for precious metal recovery accomplish your goal of achieving maximum profits by reducing loss and improving yield.

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In the gold industry, there are three main methods for extraction of the metal, all of which use granular activated carbons in the recovery of gold from cyanide leachate solutions: – Carbon-in-Pulp (CIP) – Carbon-in-Leach (CIL), includes 'Heap Leach' – Carbon-in-Column (CIL) Related Applications – Gold Recovery

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Carbon in pulp (CIP) is an extraction technique for recovery of gold which has been liberated into a cyanide solution as part of the gold cyanidation process. [1] Introduced in the early 1980s, Carbon in Pulp is regarded as a simple and cheap process.